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11 Plus Lessons - Quality Preparation For The Warwickshire 11 Plus

Welcome to the home of 11 Plus Lessons In Warwickshire. On our site you will find tuition services specifically designed for CEM 11 Plus preparation in Warwickshire. We offer 11 plus courses designed to fully prepare children for the CEM 11 plus tests used in Warwickshire, Birmingham, Walsall, and Wolverhampton.

If your child is in Year 3 or Year 4 at school we would encourage you to click the relevant link above and book a Free 11 Plus  Assessment, at our Warwickshire Centre, so that we can advise you on the best course of preparation for your child.

Our 11 Plus Assessments are subjective and go beyond a score on a test. They have been designed to identify current knowledge as well as measuring a child’s ability to pick up new concepts. All of this information allows us to give an opinion of your child’s suitability for 11 Plus preparation and identify the amount of preparation that would be required to give your child a good chance of 11 Plus Success.

Year five 11 Plus Intensive Course Days

11 Plus Lessons - Book A Free 11 Plus Assessment

Coventry 11 Plus For Year 3

Warwickshire 11+ Assessment For Year 3


Coventry 11 Plus For Year 4

Warwickshire 11+ Assessment For Year 4


Key Features of our Free 11 Plus Assessments

Covers all relevant CEM 11 Plus subjects.

Identifies key strengths and weaknesses.

Assesses ability to pick up new concepts.

Establishes suitability for 11 Plus preparation.

Following the Assessment you will receive a free telephone consultation.

We will discuss your child’s performance

We will recommend the most appropriate tuition package for your child.